Order page for customers with residence in the European Union

Available products for ordering with payment by PayPal:

GraphicConverter 10.x single license
Price: 34,95 EUR (incl. MwSt.)

GraphicConverter 10.x Upgrade from previous version; single license
(Upgrade from version 1.x-9.x or OEM version with proof-of-purchase like a copy of the invoice)
Price: 23,95 EUR (incl. MwSt.)

CADintosh 8.x single license
Price: 30,00 EUR (incl. MwSt.)

CADintosh 8.x Upgrade single license
(Upgrade from version 1.x-7.x)
Price: 17,95 EUR (incl. MwSt.)

FontBook 4.x UB/X/Classic single license
Price: 10,00 EUR (incl. MwSt.)

PayPal orders are normally processed within 24 hours on business days.
You can PayPal the money directly to lemke@lemkesoft.de if the above buttons do not work.