A Recipe for Success: Closeness to Customers, every day

In 1992 Thorsten Lemke, an Electrical Engineer with a Master's Degree, decided to move from Atari to the Apple Macintosh and wanted to convert his entire picture collection into one of the then standard Mac formats. Unfortunately there weren't any programs available that could do this. This was the motivation behind the decision to create a program to accomplish this job himself.

When Thorsten Lemke finally offered GraphicConverter to other users, on a shareware basis, an impressive track record of successes had begun. Today GraphicConverter X / Classic have more than 1.5 million users worldwide and is one of the most used and loved programs on the shareware market. This program impresses users and specialists alike and even Apple. Many people have come to know and depend upon GraphicConverter after finding it installed on their new computers by Apple!

This level of success is naturally based upon the quality of this program and to a very large extent on the commitment of loyal GraphicConverter users everywhere. Their suggestions and ideas have actively supported the development of the program and helped Lemkesoft develop this conversion tool into the professional image editing program it is today. This close corroboration with our users is an important reason why qualified and timely support is a must for Thorsten Lemke and his team of co-workers. For example: every single day Thorsten personally answers between 200 to 300 e-mails from users worldwide. Additionally there are regular program updates which add new or extended features to GraphicConverter X / Classic on a nearly monthly basis.

Over time three additional products were added to the Lemkesoft portfolio: CADintosh, FontBook and SnapsCleaner. In addition, Lemkesoft continues to develop individual solutions for special customer requirements. We have many highly satisfied customers who implement our software in their projects, Web Hosting Search (a leading webhost review guide) is just one of many examples out there.

However, the main focus and passion of this company is clearly centered on the maintenance and further development of GraphicConverter - a product which for many users is as natural a part of their Mac as Apple's operating system itself.

Thank You

Thorsten Lemke (Software development)