The "GraphicConverter Manual" is a book which we offer that will enable you to become familiar with the wide scope of our software.

GraphicConverter downloads the PDF upon the first usage (you can access it from the help menu or the following link). 

Download GraphicConverter Manual 12

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And this is the opinion of customers to our GraphicConverter reference books

So far I have completed Workshops Numbers 1 and 2. Very well done, I want to thank you...enjoyable and I am looking forward to the rest.

Erick Hufschmid

"Yesterday I received my copy of the book for the well-known GraphicConverter 4. My first impressions: good paper quality, all the screenshots are in color, clear text, everything is easily understood by the layperson, comprehensive list of contents and index, price okay. My conclusion: I recommend this for people like myself who reluctantly struggle through inadequate online help files."

Uwe Singer via the internet

"Congratulations on your excellent book which is clear, easy to understand and compact."

O. Abel via the internet

"Many thanks for the prompt delivery of this great manual. I'm really happy about this book because now for the first time I can fully appreciate the full scope of the program."
Axel Promies via the internet

"Thank you to Mr. Lemke for sending me the book Workshop by Hagen Henkes. This is what I have been waiting sometime for. I like the point which is explained in the introduction. Namely, if you read the book from the beginning to the end, this is the best introduction.

If only all computer program authors would write similar books for their programs - then the need for support questions would go down - and this investment would pay for itself …

Best regards"

Juerg-Peter Lienhard, Journalist BR, Editor«The iPortal for the 3-country Basel region» 

"Warm thanks to Mr Henke for this wonderful book. In a short time I was able to see how well the individual applications are explained. As a user over many years I was familiar with many of the applications, but now I will be able to learn about the finer points in this great manual."
Hannelore Aelfers via the internet 

"I own a number of computer reference books which are heavy, expensive and written in a difficult style. The authors of these thick monstrosities either consider their readers to be idiots or presuppose above-average background knowledge. However, the average user is neither a born programmer, nor a real beginner. The manual 'GraphicConverter 4.0' from Thorsten Lemke and Hagen Henke seems to be free of hyperbole. There are no pictograms which annoy the user more than aiding him and no "amusing" aside comments which only take time to read. In contrast to other writers the author is a master of the German language. The sentences always have a subject and predicate. The sentences are not too long or too short, but balanced and understandable. The cross references are clear and concise. The applications are explained without any gimmicks. This has been written by somebody who just wished to concentrate on the necessary technical details and did not wish to portray himself necessarily as a man of letters. Three cheers for Mr. Henke, Mr. Lemke and the publisher. If only  the other computer reference books I have purchased - and unfortunately will have to continue to purchasing - were written in the style of  'GraphicConverter 4.0'."
Georg Michalski from Maria Enzersdorf, Austria