FontBook history

Changes 5.3.1

Changes 5.3

  • display performance of large unicode fonts improved
  • display of unicode layout of fonts with extreme height values improved

Changes 5.2.1

  • universal binary for Intel and Arm Macs

Changes 5.2

  • multiprint sorts the fontlist localized
  • already improved compatibility with the forthcoming macOS 'Big Sur'

Changes 5.1

  • localizations updated
  • Terry Williams layout improved

Changes 5.0.6

  • zoom menu items added to the view menu
  • preferences menu item: fit content to window as option
  • unicode layout
  • FontBook now supports the Hardened Runtime on macOS 10.14
  • FontBook is now notarized by Apple

Changes 5.0.5

  • added support for dark mode of macOS Mojave
  • added Polish localization

Changes 5.0.4

  • added preference for font and size of header
  • improved display of a font if many typefaces are available

Changes 5.0.3

  • various fixes in the layouts

Changes 5.0

  • complete rewrite for 64 bit and macOS 10.11 or newer

Changes 4.6.3

  • signature updated

Changes 4.6.2

  • signed for Gatekeeper
  • fixed a possible issue during selection of a font on 10.8.x

Changes 4.6.1

  • problem with the preferences submenu on 10.7.3 fixed

Changes 4.6

  • problem during multiprint with corrupted fonts fixed
  • multipoint settings are now stored in the preferences
  • removed SmartCrashReporter

Changes 4.5

  • Universal Binary
  • Multi 1x8 Rev 2 added
  • hierarchical font menu can be disabled
  • protocol option added

Changes 4.4

  • 17 lines layout added
  • Japanese localization added
  • possible bug with otf fonts fixed

Changes 4.3

  • 40 lines layout added
  • command +/- jump complete pages
  • print settings are stored between program launches
  • terry williams text can be changed
  • bug reporting added
  • bug in saving multiple pages into separate pdf/ps files fixed
  • bug in display of 20 lines layout fixed
  • many internal improvements and bug fixes

Changes 4.2.1

  • font selection and printing bugs on Mac OS X fixed

Changes 4.2

  • font menu is now sorted by family names (Mac OS X only)
  • multi print prints now font families in correct order (Mac OS X only)
  • supports now up to 1024 installed fonts
  • registered name display can be disabled
  • many internal improvements and bug fixes

Changes 4.1

  • multilanguage support added (Mac OS X)
  • help menu added
  • more option for multipage printing added

Changes 4.0

  • Multi 3x2 layout added
  • Multi 1x5 layout added
  • Multiprint much improved:
    • export to .ps or .pdf added
    • otf font support added
    • destination for .ps or .pdf can be defined
  • other font supports not .ttf, .dfont
  • bug fixes and internal changes

Changes 3.9.2

  • multiprint supports now printing as bitmap if the printer driver doesn´t support many different fonts

Changes 3.9.1

  • multiprint can now print into seprate .ps files for each page
  • bug fixes

Changes 3.9

  • printing of uninstalled folders full of fonts added (Carbon only)
  • font id and kind is now added after the path
  • some layouts modified
  • many bug fixes

Changes 3.8

  • reference layout prints now correct on printers that do not have the latest version of the Chicago font
  • preferences menu is now used on Mac OS X
  • path will now show the correct path on Mac OS X
  • preferences menu uses now the correct language on Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later
  • internal changes and other bug fixes

Changes 3.7.1

  • possible crash upon selection of the header font on 10.2.x fixed
  • bitmap fonts will be replaced by Geneva during printing; because Quartz can't render bitmap fonts
  • reference layout will show characters for the ctrl key, too
  • zoom works now up to 500%

Changes 3.7

  • drag and drop of fonts added
  • many bug fixes related to Mac OS X

Changes 3.6

  • many bug fixes related to Mac OS X

Changes 3.5.1

  • font selection bug with Mac OS X 10.1 fixed

Changes 3.5

  • WYSIWYG menu can be disabled
  • printing bugs fixed
  • bug in select other font fixed
  • other internal changes

Changes 3.4

  • first Carbon version
  • new layout A.K.M. Adam small added
  • double italic text bug in A.K.M. Adam fixed
  • PPC version will work on 8.1 or earlier (without Navigation Services)
  • bug in Reference layout fixed
  • FontBook will now read all available keyboard layouts from the system folder
  • long text can now be changed
  • last selected font will now be remembered
  • icon updated for Mac OS X (thanks to RJ Matthews)
  • multi print improved
  • other internal changes

Changes 3.3 (first release of FontBook from Lemke Software)

  • support for Navigation Services added
  • bugs with Mac OS 9 fixed
  • internal changes