I just want to thank you for your GraphicConverter, which in my opinion is one of the best photo editing program ever written for the Mac at extremely low price.
A long, long time ago I bought Version 1 licence of GtaphingConverter. At that time I was switching from Acorn to Mac and then found GC, which was the only program that could read and convert the Acorn format to Mac. Since then I have used every upgrade of the program, which got better and more powerful as time went by.

Best regards, – Thorir J.

I just ran into a problem when I tried to fix up a very old image, where the paper had turned brown-yellow. I knew what I wanted to do, but didn't really know what words to use to describe it. 

In cases like this, I've learned to browse the GraphicConverter manual, reading the descriptions of the tools in the toolbox. The sponge tool turned out to be just what I needed. I didn't know that what I wanted was to “de-saturate” portions of the image. The sponge tool retains the shadows' gradients but removes the brown-yellow cast.
Thanks for producing such a great program at a very reasonable price.

Barry A., Seattle

The slide show function alone has been a godsend to me. I have to handle
about 6000 pictures a year for a high school yearbook and have found GC to
be invaluable in sorting pictures.


I have a registered copy of GraphicConverter 5.9.2 on my Macintosh desktop and I want to thank you for creating such a powerful intuitive, truly useful piece of software. 
There is (apparently) no format it cannot master, and even a novice like me can readily access all those odd files floating about. 
You have helped me save valuable graphics from older and obsolete applications and files that I thought were lost forever. 
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! 

pm webster

Dear Lemke software co,
I've been using Graphic Converter for many years, and it just keeps getting better and better!
You people are amazing.
I have Photoshop and all those great programs, but when I need to get work done and photos looked at, GC is where its at. Plus you can open files that most other softwares cannot open.
Thank you now and the future, my classmates and I use GC all the time.

Jane Carter

Thanks as always
for this wonderful, versatile program - it´s endlessly useful.

Ran Barton, Wilmington, Delaware (USA)

Hello Thorsten,

I've been using Graphic Converter for many years on a Mac, (since OS 7, I think) and am always thrilled when a new version comes out. Thank you for taking the time to continue to make it such an indispensable tool. For my web site, I use Graphic Converter to prepare virtually every image, and especially appreciate all the functions in "Convert and Modify". The relatively new "Rename" function saves me endless typing, when importing photos from my digital camera, and there are many other features that are truly helpful. My workflow is very fast, thanks to your hard work.
Please don't stop!

Mike James

Graphic Converter is almost the most useful application ever invented.

Sean Holland

I have used Graphic Converter off and on for several years and have probably used less than 1% of all the features. However, whenever I do use it, I keep discovering new tricks and possibilities. What impresses me the most is that the program design is really intelligent and the range of options is mind-boggling.  

Philip van Leeuwen

Just a note to let you know that I used the mass-Rename rightclick option in the Browse window, for the first time, to change the naming scheme of a number of my pictures from our trip to England. What a time saver! Thanks very much for that feature.

Phil Wells

Thank You for a very nice program. I think the last update 5.3 makes Graphic Converter the best product a digital photo enthusiasts like myself can wish.


I bought my first digital camera a year ago. From that day I have had many nice and entertaining moments experiencing all the useful capabilities of Graphic Converter.

Best Regards,
Hans Bergqvist

I just wanted to express my thanks to you for making GraphicConverter.
I couldn't create my website without the help of GC. Your program has helped me trim, reduce, tweak and optimize all of my images. I even fix the HUGE graphics my PC friends send me!
Thanks once again for your superior program! With every update it keeps getting better and better! Oh, and thanks for remaining true to the Mac!!

Mike Passantino

Although you may get criticism for asking long-term customers to pay for the 4.5 upgrade, I want to congratulate you on doing this.

As a consumer, I want to see GraphicConverter get better and better. And as a small business owner, I realize that we requireboth new business/customers and ongoing revenue from current customers to thrive.

Customers *will* pay for good value. Those that complain are saying that they don't feel that the new version is worth the price. That's OK, maybe they don't actually want the features. If they really do want them, US$15 isn't that big a deal.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors, and you'll see my upgrade fee (for two copies) coming real soon. Thanks!
Rich Brown

I have been using shareware since the days of simtel 20 an american military access that eventually led to bulletin boards and the whole net development.

Yours is the finest piece of software ever available as shareware. I am constantly recommending it to people. Congratulations on the brilliance. You have eliminate the need for 99% of the population to pay a fortune for photoshop of which I am a registered user as well. I personally prefer your program and rarely have to use photoshop any more.

Steven Henslow

Just a quick note to Thorsten, or whomever reads this:
As one who has used Graphic converter for 7 years, allow me to say thank you, and I would be happy to pay for the upgrade.
On many occasions I have opened and converted some mysterious file a PC friend of mine had and couldn't open. The response is always: "what *is* that program you're using."
Thanks again
Just another member of the Lemke fanclub.

Anthony J. Pelletier, Ph.D.


Just a quick note of thanks! I use your product all the time for just normal office stuff. It has worked well for me and filled in some of the OSX gaps.

Thanks for a GREAT product!


GC is the greatest!
Reg. user since 1997
The best $30 for software I1ve ever spent.


I want you to know what a great impact you have on my daily life. I am a high school principal of an inner-city school in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I have about 900 students in my school, ages 14 to 21. I was promoted to this position in January 2000 and have enjoyed my time here greatly.

One of my objectives as principal is to help the students feel more connected with the school. I highlight the accomplishments of the students through photographing them in ordinary and special circumstances. I have turned to digital photography because of the low per-picture cost. I purchased an iMac and run the pictures on the slide show component of GraphicConverter. I change the pictures every few days as new activities occur and get captured by the camera. The pictures draw a crowd as students see themselves of their friends on the monitor. GraphicConverter is so very easy to use for this purpose.

I print the best of the pictures I take and hang them in the office windows. I use GC to change levels, sharpen images, resize, crop, and then print the pictures. The whole process is very easy for me using GC. If I need to retouch pictures, I turn to Photoshop or Photoshop Elements where I find the airbrush tool very helpful.

I have recently expanded my understanding of the program to the "Browse Folder" command. I find that a wonderful way to preview photos.

Today I ran a slide show from my PowerBook computer for 250 prospective students who have to decide which school they will choose for their next year. Again, GC made it easy for me and made us look great as I used the special effects when mounting a picture.

Congratulations on the software. It is the best value in Mac software I have.

Peggy Aitchison

Also I take this opportunity to compliment you on the magnificient result I am obtaining with large photograph with your graphic converter, so much That I have removed Photoshop element from My computer.
kindest regards

joseph bertony