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Plug-in architecture

Scanning is performed using TWAIN architecture and Image Capture. The manufacturer of your scanner will supply you with the corresponding driver for your particular scanner model.

Selected plug-ins and tools which can be used with GraphicConverter

ImageMagick 6.1.8 for Mac OS X 10.3.x
ImageMagick for Mac OS X 10.4.x or later
This plug-in enables the export of PCD (Kodak photo CD). ImageMagick is freeware which is offered without any type of guarantee. Further details are available on the official ImageMagick website.
Note: Please set the paths in GraphicConverter for the use of this ImageMagick distribution to /usr/local/bin/ . 

jbgtoppm command line tool
The jbgtopbm tool is licensed under GNU General Public License on an as-is basis (i.e. without any type of guarantee). The command line tool can be used to convert JBIG compressed data streams to PBM files.

MrSID V1.2 plug-in for GraphicConverter X | UB
The MrSID plug-in is freeware and is offered on an as-is basis (i.e. without any type of guarantee). This plug-in allows the opening of mrsid documents in GraphicConverter X (version 5.6 or later) and GraphicConverter UB (version 6.1.3 or later). The plug-in is based on the SDK licensed from Lizardtech. Click on the logo below to download products from Lizardtech and browser plug-ins. 



djvu commandline tool for GraphicConverter UB 6.0 or later
The ddjvu tool adds djvu file import to GraphicConverter.

fpx command line tool
The fpx tool helps to import old Flashpix files