CADintosh history

Changes 8.8.3 (Build 665)

Changes 8.8.2 (Build 653)

Changes 8.8.1 (Build 638)

Changes 8.8 (Build 627)

Changes 8.7 (Build 600)

Changes 8.6.3 (Build 539)

Changes 8.6.2 (Build 500)

  • Updated features:
    • DWG import updated
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.6.1 (Build 496)

  • New features:
    • Universal Binary for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs
    • Edit: utilities: Invert all colors
    • Edit: utilities: Invert only gray colors
  • Updated features:
    • added support for import of SPLINE objects within DXF/DWG symbols
    • x-line: options: option for changing type of existing x-line
    • DWG import updated
    • internal optimizations
    • updated manuals
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.6 (Build 482)

  • New features:
    • export and import of new format pattern (used for custom pattern)
    • custom pattern support
    • text with area of hatching tool
    • change unit and scale after import dialog
    • copy/paste elements menu item (use the clipboard tool first)
    • delete elements outside selection rectangle
  • Updated features:
    • pen width will be displayed as inch in edit attributes dialogs in imperial mode (instead of mm)
    • preference added to disable pen width check upon import
    • DXF export: option for export without $DWGCODEPAGE
    • DXF export and import: support for groupcode 39 (thickness)
    • opened libraries are sorted alphabetically
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.5 (Build 444)

  • New features:
      • DWG export
      • dialog for setting the default unit and scale upon creating a new drawing
  • Updated features:
      • localizations
      • added more drawing data fields (changes document file format)
      • added identifiers to drawing data dialog
      • enhanced contrast of thumbnail icon
      • added font and text height to available set options
      • WYSIWYG font menu with option to disable in the prefs
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.4.4 (Build 425)

  • New features:
    • updated preferences dialog
    • added preference to disable width check upon opening
    • function for deletion of all elements outside selection
  • Updated features:
    • improved dimension DXF export with special characters
    • improved pattern and material fill (display matches printing, optional factor and improved settings dialog)
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.4.3 (Build 401)

  • New features: 
    • layers can be set visible but not editable
    • auto use set feature
    • delete element menu item
  • Updated features:
    • improved display of custom scale within popup
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.4.2 (Build 381)

  • New features: 
    • Mojave dark mode support
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.4.1 (Build 379)

  • New features: 
    • added Letter and Legal Landscape page frames
    • added scroll/zoom preferences
  • Updated features:
    • updated Sparkle update framework
    • optimized display speed of very large drawings
    • transform rotate - new option -1 to rotate without rotation of text angle
    • added more imperial scales
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.4 (Build 363)

  • New features:
    • edit menu: find and replace line width
    • edit menu: find and replace group
    • edit menu: find and replace layer
  • Updated features:
    •  options menu: item drawing: added more predefined page sizes
    • dxf export: optimized layer checking for double names
    • dxf export: added verification as option
    • grid options support fraction settings
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.3.1 (Build 347)

  • Updated features:
    • dxf import improved
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.3 (Build 338)

  • New features:
    • added dwg import
    • added csv coordinate import
  • Updated features:
    • improved dxf import
    • added 1/8 = 1 and 1/16 = 1 to scale menu
    • improved German localization
    • optimized drawing
    • added shortcut for toggle zoom command
    • click in info area will now set the commandline
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.2.5 (Build 312)

  • New features:
      • added text styles italic, bold and underline
  • Updated features:
      • added layer number display to used layer popup
      • added automatic activation of the command line (if required)
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.2.4 (Build 304)

  • New features:
    • direct access to views at the right window panel
    • Zoom last in the Edit menu
  • Updated features:
    • improved help menu
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.2.3 (Build 298)

  • New features:
    • touch bar support
  • Updated features:
    • improved hatching display speed
    • updated Danish, French and German localization
  • Bug fixes
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.2.2 (Build 293)

  • New features:
    • added optional user registration
  • Updated features:
    • symbol management supports multiple selections
    • added support for import of very old (earlier 1994) CADintosh drawings saved on old 68K Motorola Macs
  • Bug fixes
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.2.1 (Build 284)

  • New features: 
    • added circle with three lines for all four possible options
    • added option to hide zero point
  • Updated features:  
    • verify removed duplicate elements
    • verify similar removes duplicate elements that differs up to 1e-12
    • storage of printer settings into documents
    • improved localizations
  • Bug fixes: 
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.2 (Build 274)

  • New features: 
    • cut-tool support for arcs
  • Updated features:  
    • reference to disable creation of empty document upon launch
    • improved localization
  • Bug fixes: 
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.1.5 (Build 268)

  • New features: 
    • Paste Image menu item
  • Updated features:  
    • added tab key support to switch between the catch modes
    • improved cut tool
    • , on number keyboard will automatically replaced with a .
    • space key can insert a ,
    • improved TIFF calibration
    • Sparkle framework updated und download changed to https
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.1.4 (Build 255)

  • New features: 
    • cut tool
  • Updated features: 
    • layer popup displays define layer names and colors (if layer color is active)
    • resizing of images will now be proportional at the edges
  • Bug fixes: 
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.1.2 (Build 248)

  • New features: 
    • popup with list of used layer for quick layer selection
  • Updated features: 
    • improved processing of corrupted elements
    • backspace/delete key support during hatching to remove last element from contour selection
    • calibrate tool supports inch in addition to mm
    • double click in symbol list edits symbol
  • Bug fixes: 
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.1.1 (Build 237)

  • New features: 
    • added template support
    • added print header & footer
  • Updated features: 
    • added dxf export option to define arc size
    • improved verification of arcs
    • added option to select display of auto catch mode
    • removed spline base point limit of 50
    • active layer filter shows an check mark
    • active set shows an check mark
    • added pen width to edit dimension element
  • Bug fixes: 
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.1 (Build 218)

  • New features: 
    • open/save of sets added
    • export of the visible drawing (active layer set) as DXF added
    • added large crosshair cursor option
    • added separate button for endless line mode
    • added function to delete layer filters
    • added option to modify symbol preview size to the prefs
  • Updated features: 
    • improved pen options
    • added ^53 = last file save date
    • added ^54 = last file save time
    • text can now contain ^xx commands and text
    • opened symbol library will be stored during application usage
    • improved width/pen display in the window (only available options will be displayed)
    • added predefine scale 1/4"=1'
    • color field will be hidden in user interface if pen mode is active
    • added quick change of active layer in the quick layer dialog with a command + mouse click
    • scaling of groups simplified
  • Bug fixes: 
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.0.2 (Build 194)

  • New features:
    • export menu improved (separate items for the formats)
  • Updated features:
    • improved localizations
  • Bug fixes:
    • you find the complete list here

Changes 8.0.1 (Build 186)

  • New features:
    • added context menu for quick change of function
    • added tools menu
    • added "Enter Fullscreen" menu item
    • added preference for localized date display
    • added panning with shift click and move
    • added scroll left/right with command and scrollwheel
    • added catch mode shortcuts to options menu
    • added automatic replacement of space with a comma after entering numbers into the command line
    • added function to double or halve grid size
  • Updated features:
    • many dialog resizements for the French translation
    • Japanese translation much improved
  • Bug fixes:
    • fixed a bug in the ^50 and ^51 text operator
    • fixed possible crash after deletion of a symbol in the symbol management
    • fixed a bug in the edit dimension attribute dialog
    • fixed a bug in the edit textbox dialog
    • fixed a bug during drawing an arc with two or three points
    • fixed a bug in save as PDF

Changes 8.0 (Build 171)

  • New features:
    •  new simplified user interface 
    • support of retina displays 
    • full unicode support 
    • support of new technologies and future safe 
    • full rewrite in Cocoa

Changes 7.5.3 (Build 104)

  • Bug fixes:
    •  various issues with hatching fixed

Changes 7.5.2 

  • New features: 
    • signed for Gatekeeper
  • Bug fixes:
    • various bug fixes

Changes 7.5.1 

  • New features:
    • rewritten from Pascal to C to prepare a Cocoa version
    • updated application icon due Mac App Store requirements
  • Updated features:
    • support for space key as separator in input line added
  • Bug fixes:
    • fixed a bug upon import of old text boxes
    • math bugs fixed
    • fixed arc export in HPGL2
    • fixed display bug for very large arcs
    • fixed crash upon import of old drawing with subwindows
    • fixed bug in apply parameter to other dimensions
    • removed update check on Lion  because the Carbon URL manager is no longer working on Lion
    • bug in conversion of some Japanese fonts of older drawing to unicode fixed
    • preview creation bug fixed
    • pattern printing issue fixed
    • possible crash during verify of symbols fixed
    • bug with size of textbox with unicode text fixed
    • color issue fixed
    • print area issue fixed
    • bug during display of grayscale fills in layer color mode fixed
    • many other bug fixes and little enhancements

Changes 7.0.2

  •  numerous bug fixes and minor improvements

Changes 7.0.1

  • Bugs introduced by the switch to Quartz drawing fixed

Changes 7

  • New features:
    • 'zoom all' menu command - with and without infinite lines- added
    • new file format cadx (see next item for the reason)
    • unicode support added for text, text box and dimensions (also in symbol libraries)
    • display and printing changed from quickdraw to quartz
    • pdf export added (this replaces pict export)
    • TIFF calibrate option added
    • new saved files now utilize .cadx as extension to give a visual feedback for the changed file format (this format is supported starting with CADintosh 7)
  • Updated features:
    • localization updated
    • display ofprint area improved
    • zoom with scrollwheel improved
    • recent items can now displayed with or without path
    • localized pdfs and sample files moved to the localized folders in the resource folder
  • Bug fixes:
    • possible crash during the importing of files with old background images fixed
    • display issue in individual mode fixed
    • bug related to non metric calculations fixed
    • bug in definition of custom line filters fixed
    • possible crash during preview creation fixed
    • possible font selection bug fixed
    • bug with the creation of a parallel line in automatic mode fixed
    • bug in the creation of an arc with two lines and one arc fixed
    • display issues during the usage of older fonts fixed
    • many other bug fixes and small enhancements

Changes 6.1.1

  •  New features
    • Print all added (UB)
  • Updated features
    • English and German manuals updated
    • text options dialog simplified
    • option to take the other arc after trim added (UB)
  • Bug fixes
    • bug in "Open recent" submenu fixed (UB)
    • bug in "Statistic" dialog fixed (UB)
    • bug in reading some settings from files stored with the X version fixed (UB)
    • drag & drop issue in Snow Leopard fixed (UB)
    • many other bug fixes and small enhancemets (UB) 

Changes 6.1 

  • New features
    • Quartz support much improved
    • text options simplified
    • manual updated
  • Enhancements
    • numerous minor enhancements 
  • Bug fixes
    • numerous bug fixes in the UB version

Changes 6.0.1

  • Bug fixes
    • bug during the printing of lines/arcs with other line type then solid fixed
    • crash when opening second file with double symbol names fixed
    • redraw bug when scrolling in layer dialog fixed
    • numerous other small bug fixes

Changes 6.0

  •  New features
    • drawing with Quartz (as option) added (UB only)
    • CNO import added
    • bug reporting with SmartCrashReporter added (UB only)
    • support for Leopard added
    • sample files and sheets added to the application package (UB/X only)
  • Bug fixes
    • many other small bug fixes and enhancements

Changes 5.5.3

  • New features
    • toolbar can now be displayed in one row/column as option
    • option click on layer menu disables the layer
    • remove text style utility function added
  • Bug fixes
    • file selection bug under Leopard beta fixed
    • bak file with more than 31 fixed
    • crash upon export of dxf files with illegal layer numbers fixed
    • bug in info window fixed
    • toggle all selectable bug fixed (UB)
    • many display issues in the Intel version fixed

Changes 5.5.2

  • New features
    • toolbar can be displayed in one row/column as option
    • option click on layer menu disables the layer
    • remove text style utility function added
  • Bug fixes
    • bak file with more than 31 fixed
    • crash upon export of dxf files with illegal layer numbers fixed
    • bug in info window fixed
    • many display issues in the Intel version fixed

Changes 5.5.1

  • Program icon redesigned  
  • Numerous bug fixes in the Universal Binary version

Changes 5.5

  • Improvements
    • Universal Binary version
    • clear command to "Open Recent" submenu added
    • delete layer function added to the layer menu
    • localized support e-mail address item added to help menu (Italian, French, German)
  • Bug fixes
    • crash while joining two splines fixed
    • not functioning font change in input line fixed
    • bug in selection of inch scale in Area:Options fixed
    • crash after opening Mess-Daten fixed
    • error in DXF export with very long texts fixed
    • error in DXF import of hatches fixed
    • error during selection in subwindow fixed
    • error in Symbol Alignment with automatic mode fixed
    • yes/no in input line localized
    • scroll wheel zoom bug in sub window fixed

Changes 5.3.2

  • Improvements
    • layer popup checks the current layer and marks the invisible layers
    • remove double lines functions added
    • fonts for lists can be changed in the prefs
    • verify function improved
    • direct Mighty Mouse support added
    • Italian localization added
  • Bug fixes
    • possible crash upon clicking in set window with no drawing fixed
    • possible -48 error after cancelation of open command fixed
    • possible crash with autocatch mode on Mac OS X fixed
    • file name bug (charset, long names) in recent items menu fixed (Mac OS X)
    • dxf import ignores now undocumented hatch command
    • hatchings insides symbols will be now rotated if the symbol has an angle
    • edit window bug with dimensions fixed
    • possible bug in horizontal/vertical slider fixed
    • verify of lines improved
    • possible crash after selecting quit menu with open dialogs fixed
    • filename bug after saving a selection of the drawing fixed (Mac OS X)
    • possible crash during import of dxf files with incorrect hatchings fixed
    • better refresh after deletion and move operations
    • translation bugs fixed
    • truncated text after explode of a symbol (in the bottom line)
    • Refresh bug in set window after changing to symbol window
    • zoom all bug with text boxes fixed
    • undo crash with text boxes fixed
    • possible crash upon click in color picker without open drawing fixed
    • hpgl import is more stable and imports now files with labels and missing dt command

Changes 5.3.1

  • French introduction document added
  • Japanese translation updated
  • bug in English introduction fixed
  • automatic catch mode bug in French version fixed

Changes 5.3

  • New features:
    • edit window added
    • option for display of dimmed tiffs added
    • Spanish translation added
    • live panning added (option)
    • live zoom added (option)
  • Updated features:
    • sets support automatic mode
    • redraw speed improved
    • printing speed of PICTs improved
    • tool tip with layer names to Quick Layer added
    • button sizes of tool windows for Mac OS X improved
    • many other little updates
  • Bug fixes:
    • possible bug with auto-mode and x-lines fixed
    • many internal changes and bug fixes

Changes 5.2

  • introduction pdf completly rewritten
  • import of coordinate files added
  • drawing of a parallel line simplified (one click saved)
  • help tags for icons added
  • redraw speed and live update on X improved
  • auto catch mode improved
  • dxf import improved
  • many other small changes and bug fixes

Changes 5.1

  • multilanguage support added for Mac OS X version
  • function to convert a list of lines/circles to an x-line added
  • help menu added
  • DXF export improved
  • other changes and bugfixes

Changes 5.0.1

  • used layer can now easily selected in the footer of the window
  • crash with zero dimensions fixed
  • dialogs improved for 10.3
  • zero decimal places of dimensions can now be removed
  • bug with tolerance value editing fixed

Changes 5.0

  • automatic catching mode added (this improves the complete drawing process a lot)
  • many print issues on Mac OS X fixed
  • gui improved for Panther
  • command line optimized
  • bugs in textbox fixed
  • DXF import improved
  • many other bug fixes and improvements

Changes 4.4

  • hybrid mode added (import of tiffs for drawing over them and eraser)
  • enter text for texts uses now selected text font
  • note after import of DXF 2000 files added
  • incompatibility with tinker tools fixed
  • carbon version uses now session printing
  • copy pict to clipboard works now on Mac OS X
  • HPGL export crash with hatching fixed
  • symbol libraries can now be used with the unregistered version, too (but only limited)
  • DXF import improved
  • printing improved (Mac OS X)
  • option to draw dimensions with extra line added
  • opening a cad file will check the fonts; not available fonts may be replaced
  • bugs in assigning keys to functions fixed
  • many other bug fixes and small enhancements

Changes 4.3

  • support for Mac OS X 10.2 added
  • STL import (binary) added
  • option to create closed x-lines added
  • printing bugs on Mac OS X fixed
  • bug with setting the function keys fixed
  • bug in the coordinate display in sub windows fixed
  • layer settings can now be printed on Mac OS X
  • crash during explode of more than 10000 x-lines fixed
  • hatching of rounded rectangles work now
  • possible crash during import of symbol libraries fixed
  • other bug fixes

Changes 4.2

  • printing improved (Carbon)
  • long file name support (Carbon on Mac OS X)
  • DXF import and export improved
  • bug fixes and internal changes

Changes 4.1.2

  • many bug fixes
  • Mac OS X support improved

Changes 4.1.1

  • possible bug in preview creation fixed

Changes 4.1

  • Carbon improved
  • DXF import improved
  • IGES detection improved
  • many bug fixes and internal changes

Changes 4.0

  • first Carbon version
  • DXF import and export much improved
  • many bug fixes and internal changes

Changes 3.7.2

  • DXF import improved
  • crash during opening files on a PowerPC with Mac OS 8.1 or earlier fixed
  • other bug fixes

Changes 3.7.1

  • possible crash after delete fixed
  • possible crash during display of rotated text fixed
  • redraw bug after union function fixed
  • other internal changes

Changes 3.7

  • support for Mac OS 9 improved
  • basic AppleScript support added
  • DXF import improved
  • IGES import improved
  • printing of hatching improved
  • print all added
  • relatve coordinate improved
  • other changes and bug fixes

Changes 3.6

  • text box added
  • DXF import and export improved
  • IGES import and export improved
  • PC compatible layer colors added
  • PC and MAC color table selectable
  • fraction support improved
  • appearance support improved
  • many internal changes
  • bug fixes

Changes 3.5.1

  • section lineing improved
  • filter functions improved
  • bug in dimension editing fixed
  • bug during moving of elements fixed
  • display bugs in the editing line fixed

Changes 3.5

  • support for Mac OS 8.5 added
  • DXF import and export improved (import of DXF 13, 14 and so on)
  • IGES import and export improved
  • SELIG import added
  • userdefined filter added
  • other improvements
  • internal bugs fixed

Changes 3.0.3

  • possible crash upon opening of drawings with subwindows fixed

Changes 3.0.2

  • plot will be done in the background
  • hpgl and serial option are no in different dialogs
  • the codepage can be selected for DXF import
  • dxf export will check and correct illegal symbol names
  • comments can be copied and pasted in the comment dialog
  • splines can be exploded with window
  • layer filter import bug from old versions fixed
  • bug in function key dialog fixed
  • bug during move of colored texts fixed
  • bug during streching of dimensions fixed
  • bug during printing of very large hatching fixed
  • centering bug for input line dialog fixed
  • printing of circles improved

Changes 3.0.1:

  • new function header & footer added
  • support for Mac OS 8 contex menus added
  • use of Mercutio 1.5 for the menus
  • zoom uses now the option key
  • bug in DXF import (polylines and recursive symbols) fixed
  • bug in HPGL/2 export fixed
  • internal changes