Batch conversion with additional functions

GraphicConverter offers you sophisticated batch processing which fully automates repetitive tasks applied to a selection of pictures:

  • Convert all the selected source pictures easily and quickly into a new format - regardless of whether there are 5 or 5,000 picture files; you just define the type of conversion and set the details
  • During the conversion process you can apply up to 60 additional batch functions such as rotation, resize, change the resolution, etc.
  • Automate the removal of the Mac OS Resource Fork before documents are uploaded in case there are compatibility issues when the picture files are placed onto the internet 
  • Create catalogs in HTML format for publication on the internet and adjust the colors, sizes, etc. to your individual requirements (see examples)
  • Rename a selection of documents according to your special criteria
    quickly and easily
  • Join pictures together (e.g. for QuickTime VR)
  • Insert or extract IPTC information into or out of a variety of
    document formats
  • and much more ...

Choose from approximately 40 batch conversion modes:

The conversion mode:

Choose from up to 60 functions you can use with your conversion project and set the respective parameters:

The renaming mode for batch conversions:

Under "Options" you can define the general characteristics of the batch conversion: