Enhancement and creation of pictures for use on the internet

GraphicConverter offers support for the creation of picture files which are Internet compatible, displaying an ideal compromise between file size and image quality, for GIF, JPEG and PNG formats:

Save dialog boxes

GraphicConverter uses special help dialog boxes to
achieve the following desired results:

  • Support for Apple Navigation Services
  • Define the required document format simply by
    entering the required ending
  • Create picture documents compatible with the Internet which
    you can then send by e-mail directly from GraphicConverter
  • Change from the Save dialog over to further settings   

Settings in the "Save" dialog box:

JPEG save options

In the JPEG dialog window you can immediately see if the quality setting which you have chosen is acceptable and whether or not it will result in an acceptable loss of picture quality. In addition, it is possible to create progressive JPEGs.


You can create GIF picture files with a number of options:

  • Version
  • Interlaced representation (during the download)



You can create PNG picture files with various options:

  • Transparency
  • Interlaced representation (during the download)
  • Minimum file size (by trying out all the compression types)