Graphical file and image browser on the Mac

The graphical file and image browser simplifies your administration and organization tasks and provides you with powerful picture administration features:

  • Navigate quickly and easily through your picture collection
  • Sort your pictures using simple drag-and-drop (e.g. between two browsers or between your browser and finder windows)
  • Configurable menu bar for quick use of standard functions
  • In addition, you can view film files directly in the browser (formats: all formats which can be played by Quicktime, GIF animations, FLI, DL)

Additional functions 

You can use the action and context menu to apply a variety of additional functions to a single picture or a selection of pictures:

  • Lossless rotation of JPG pictures
  • Correction of document date to the date of generation (many digital cameras place the document date incorrectly in the file system when the picture is taken)
  • Editing of picture comments
  • Editing of IPTC information; here it is possible to make simultaneous changes in all marked documents
  • Rename
  • Delete 
  • Embed ICC profiles
  • and much more ... 

The following commands are accessible in the file and picture browser using the action menu in the toolbar of the browser.